Raspberry Pi CherryMusic - Music Streaming - Spotify look-a-like

A music streaming server written in python, Stream your own music collection to all your devices!

* You can listen to your music on all HTML5 compliant devices, that includes your pretty smart phone (Android or iPhone) as well as just about any modern browser.
* You can create accounts for your friends and share playlists. Just like ol'times, give away a cassette tape.
* CherryMusic can automatically fetch the album cover art for all your music. But don't worry, we don't change anything in your collection.
* CherryMusic has a built-in database, that will index your music. Find your favorite song in an instant!
* And for those who have AppleTV, yes! It does also work with Apple TV.

Tested CherryMusic Raspberry pi by my self now for a few hours, it's great! And it's so easy to install..

How to install:

mkdir /home/pi/music
sudo apt-get -y install imagemagick vorbis-tools lame flac
git clone -b master https://github.com/devsnd/cherrymusic.git

Run python cherrymusic --setup --port 8080 in the CherryMusic directory.
Go to http://raspberry-pi-ip-adres:8080 for basic configuration and later the web client. 

Setup looks like this, edit the Media base dir. That's the important one!

Settings saved? Control + C to close server.

In my case, the config file was not saved. Let's edit the file manually: nano /home/pi/.config/cherrymusic/cherrymusic.conf
Edit the basedir to: /home/pi/Music

Control + x to close/save the file.

python cherrymusic to start the server!

Go to: http://raspberry-pi-ip-adres:8080


The putty session must be active. If you close the session. The server will stop.
2 options to run the server in the background.

1: start server with command: nohup  python cherrymusic --port 8080 &
2: Use the program "screen" to keep the putty session alive!


Note: Music files with special characters in it, like: Ø é ü wont load in the playlist. Change it to normal characters. Problem probably only occur with python 2.x