Dynamic IP adres? No problem!


Important! Create yourself an account and add a host on no-ip before installing the client as you will need your account details as part of the install.
Install no-ip client:

Create a directory for the client software:

mkdir /home/pi/noip
 cd /home/pi/noip

Download the client software:


Extract the archive:

 tar vzxf noip-duc-linux.tar.gz

Navigate to the archive directory.
Note – use ‘ls’ to check the directory name create when the archive was extracted, it was noip-2.1.9-1 when I installed the client:

 cd noip-2.1.9-1

Compile and install
The client was compiled and installed on the Raspberry Pi, using the following commands:

 sudo make
 sudo make install


Config the shizzle (login/password/refresh interval)
Run the client
Command to start the noip tool:

 sudo /usr/local/bin/noip2