Telegram for the Raspberry pi!

Telegram is booming. After Facebook bought Whatsapp, in 1 day almost 500.000 people switched to Telegram.
Telegram is more secure, And it works flawless! It’s also multiplatform

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install git-core
sudo apt-get install libreadline-dev libconfig-dev libssl-dev lua5.2 liblua5.2-dev
git clone && cd tg
[ENTER] -> If make commando fails: sudo apt-get install make

And typ “make” again.


Now the install is done!
Start Telegram with the following command:

./telegram -k

Hit the TAB key on your keyboard.



Enter your Phonenumber, including your landcode (for Holland it is +31)


You will get a message on your mobile phone with a conformation code, enter it and hit “Enter”

READY, Use following commands to use Telegram.
And use the TAB key to auto complete commmands/names. If you have a girl called Sandra in your list, and you will send here a message. You can typ “Sand” and hit TAB. tab will auto complete it to Sandra.

How to send message to sandra:

msg Sandra Hello sandra, how are you doing?

Command list:


  • msg <peer> Text – sends message to this peer
  • fwd <user> <msg-seqno> – forward message to user. You can see message numbers starting client with -N
  • chat_with_peer <peer> starts one on one chat session with this peer. /exit or /quit to end this mode.
  • add_contact <phone-number> <first-name> <last-name> – tries to add contact to contact-list by phone
  • rename_contact <user> <first-name> <last-name> – tries to rename contact. If you have another device it will be a fight
  • mark_read <peer> – mark read all received messages with peer


  • send_photo <peer> <photo-file-name> – sends photo to peer
  • send_video <peer> <video-file-name> – sends video to peer
  • send_text <peer> <text-file-name> – sends text file as plain messages
  • load_photo/load_video/load_video_thumb <msg-seqno> – loads photo/video to download dir
  • view_photo/view_video/view_video_thumb <msg-seqno> – loads photo/video to download dir and starts system default viewer

Group chat options

  • chat_info <chat> – prints info about chat
  • chat_add_user <chat> <user> – add user to chat
  • chat_del_user <chat> <user> – remove user from chat
  • rename_chat <chat> <new-name>


  • search <peer> pattern – searches pattern in messages with peer
  • global_search pattern – searches pattern in all messages

Secret chat

  • create_secret_chat <user> – creates secret chat with this user
  • visualize_key <secret_chat> – prints visualization of encryption key. You should compare it to your partner’s one

Stats and various info

  • user_info <user> – prints info about user
  • history <peer> [limit] – prints history (and marks it as read). Default limit = 40
  • dialog_list – prints info about your dialogs
  • contact_list – prints info about users in your contact list
  • suggested_contacts – print info about contacts, you have max common friends
  • stats – just for debugging
  • show_license – prints contents of GPLv2
  • help – prints this help

Have fun!