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Raspberry Pi OpenVPN Server Tutorial


Found a Openvpn auto-installer recently. And it works flawless on the Raspberry Pi.

This is the Github page

Run this commands to auto download/install the Openvpn server.
wget https://git.io/vpn -O openvpn-install.sh && bash openvpn-install.sh

wget https://git.io/vpn -O openvpn-install.sh && bash openvpn-install.sh

openvpn-install.sh backup on my own website (16-3-2016)


  1. Hi.

    I rember was publisehd on this web other tuturial for configure the OPENVPN on rasp.

    It is possible recover the old tutorial? was working properly


  2. Hi,

    Im prob really stupid, but I’m trying to get openvpn running on my raspberry for days now..

    Today i found ‘your’ script, and did a complete clean reinstall, and ran the script. I finally was able to create some clients, but searching with winSCP i cannot find the client.ovpn files ANYWHERE…. 🙁 (It says they are to be found in ~/client.ovpn)

    Again, i’m prob really stupid, but any help would b highly appreciated!

    Thnx in advance!

    • You’ve probably used user ‘root’ to kick things of. The .ovpn file would then be sitting in the ‘root’ user’s home directory.

  3. Hi Rpihelp.net,

    I stumbled upon this post after having some pain trying to do this manually.

    I ran into the same problem using your script as I did when I tried to do this by myself, basically when trying to install the EPEL packages I get the below errors.

    Basically I get “No repomd file” and “metalink.xml does not exist” errors.

    I think the rest of your script didn’t work because of this (you can see the full output in the below file).


    Am I missing something? This is a Raspberry Pi 3 running the Centos 7 ARM version. Perhaps this is the problem?

    Many thanks,


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