Hanewin NFS share – How to setup a nfs share for your Raspberry Pi XBMC mediacenter.

HANEWIN Downloads (Trial) Full non version costs around €19,00)

This has been used successfully on Windows XP,  Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8. Windows 8,1 Windows 10
First:  Add the following ports in your “allow” list, in Windows Firewall.

Windows firewall -> Advaned Settings
—/Inbound Rules -> New Rule -> Port -> TCP ->Specific local port: 1058, 111, 2049
Follow the same stepts for UDP.

And do the same for outbound rules (TCP & UDP)

inbound AND outbound!
TCP/UDP: 1058
TCP/UDP: 111
TCP/UDP: 2049

Start Hanewin NFS server and use these settings:





Edit exports file
My exports file looks like this:

G:\Downloads\movies -readonly -public
F:\Downloads\movies -readonly -public

As you see i use the -readonly & -public option, for a full list of options use this link to the original Hanewin website.

Save the file and hit the “Restart Server” button.


Now on the XBMC side: Add a new NFS share -> click -> clack -> You are done!

You can also use a free nfs server, like: FreeNFS, But i don’t have experience with.